Monday, January 14, 2008


It's Spidey Jonah, Daddy & Bat-Merrik! This was at our Ward's Trunk-or Treat party.

Jonah changed identities for the night of Halloween. He went trick-or-treating as the Blue Power Ranger, which we don't watch but he insisted that was the costume he wanted! Here's Grandpa Cowden - we usually go to their neighborhood back in Oxford for the night. It's much better than ours for trick-or-treaters, as we only have 3 houses on our entire street.

The whole fam at G'ma & G'pa Cowden's - just finished trick-or-treating.

Blue Ranger Jonah on cousin Jakey's (on the Cowden side) bike.

Bat-Merrik's preferred mode of transpotation - the BatBike! (also cousin Jakey's)

Romping Around the Yard

A few of the photos that didn't make it to our Christmas letter. Jonah can always make Merrik laugh!

Jonah (3&1/2) & Merrik (1&1/2) in our backyard. I was trying to capture some of the colors of fall in New England.


This is smiley man Merrik on a big rock in the middle of the cul-de-sac in front of our house. The boys love to climb on it.

The "work guys" have been working on our neighboring lot to prepare it for building. Jonah got a ride on the big work truck! Don't know if you can tell, but Jonah is inside the cab of this truck.

Saying good-bye to the Mosley's in Virginia

Cousins, cousins,cousins! AJ, Merrik, Alexis & Jonah. Just hangin' out on our last day. We were leaving Virginia ... heading home to Massachusetts.

TWINS! Here's Rach & Alli in front of Rach's home. It was great seeing you, Rach! Thanks for having us!!

We love Auntie Rach!!

Merrik, Alli & John with AJ & Jonah doing their silly pose.

Down on the (pumpkin) Farm

Westmoreland Berry Farm in Virginia -- Visiting Rach!! Left to right is Sheepish AJ, Horsey Jonah, A-moo-ing Merrik & Oinking Alli. Let me note right here that during our October visit, we had 90 degree temps the whole time!!

Jonah & Merrik feeding the goats.

Cousins AJ (4) and Jonah (3&1/2) !! They had a great time together! (much more civil than our last visit - they're both maturing so well! ...he, he!)

Merrik spies the perfect pumkin!!

Merrik, Alli & Jonah, John & Julia (Rach's friends) and AJ & Rach ... on our hay ride ... yeehaw!!


What would fall be without apple picking??? Here's the happy family at Brookfield Orchards in North Brookfield, Mass. We go here every fall to ring in the season. Jared used to go there as a child - awww!

Jonah munching on an apple - AKA Batman! And Merrik as Flash! (notice the tee shirts) Jonah is big on making sure everyone has a superhero nickname. And Jared is usually Batman but Jared got the boys these t-shirts at 6Flags so Jonah happily took over the name temporarily. Jonah is Robin, Merrik is Flash and I am, of course, Wonder Woman. Rock on Supers!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Summer Fun!

Super star Jonah playing in our kiddie pool. We had a HOT summer and the pool was SO nice to cool off in!

Jonah at the wheel! Watch out!

Wweeeeeee! This is at a little playground by our house, which I call River Road Playground because it's on ... yep, River Road. Ha! We go to one of four local playgrounds so we've gotta differentiate between all of them. Can't just say "the playground" because that could be anywhere! Jonah (3 1/2) and Merrik (1 1/2) both love the swings so no trip is complete without Merrik crying out "wing, wing!!"

Every time Jonah goes down the slides he has to first hang onto the bar at the top with both hands, lift up his feet, and give a little swing, then ...

... down he goes!! Look out below!!

Merrik has also become quite the little slide expert. He can go down most without help. I thought this photo turned out SO cute with that big smile! What a big boy!!

Summer, summer, SUMMER TIME!

July '07 - G'pa & G'ma Burton came to visit during their very long cross country road trip! Yea! This was actually their last day. They were all set to leave and I called 'em up that morning before they drove off and asked to meet somewhere so we could say good-bye one more time. It was sad to see them go!

August '07 - Jonah & Merrik "flying" at the New England Air Museum
This cool space suit was on display at the Air Museum. WOW! Jonah is holding a mystery item on the left but on the right is his souvenir space man pen.

Labor Day Weekend '07 - Captain Feathersword of The Wiggles! At Six Flags New England! We practically lived there this summer! We live so close that we get discounted season passes, which is great because the boys love it! And they have Wiggles World there at 6Flags and they do shows all day with the characters from The Wiggles. It's great fun!

And here's Dorothy the Dinosaur!

And this is at the new Thomas Town. (still at Six Flags!) This is a fun area with Harold the Helicopter rides, Birdi the Bus ride and of course, ride Thomas the Train! Maybe next summer we'll get a pic of Thomas.

Sept. 14th - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED! He had a little help blowing the candles out!